Programmer’s Dvorak with German Umlauts on Windows 10

Let us assume that you want to use the famous Programmer’s Dvorak keyboard layout on Windows 10. Unfortunately, this layout is not a stock option. And usually even if there would be a stock option, that option probably would lack ä,ö,ü, and ß as AltGr-choice for a,o,u, and s. Of course you can always help yourself by creating the layout using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4, starting from the normal Dvorak layout, for instance. Fortunately, this tool allows you to create setup files that make it really easy to deploy your layout to every machine there is. Therefore you can just download the zip file linked below, unzip it, run setup, and there you go!

Programmer’s Dvorak Layout with ä,ö,ü,ß:

TL;DR: unzip & setup.